Friday, July 16, 2010

I finally got my sewing machine out today

It's only been packed up since we moved. 2 months ago. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I got started on today's projects.

Speaking of... BFF is pregnant. Like hugely, almost ready to give birth pregnant. I promised I'd make her new daughter a coming home outfit. 6 months ago. Slacker much? Yep, that would be me. But, it is now finished, and she hasn't even given birth yet, so really I'm ahead of the game, right? Just smile and nod.

Oh, and just for the record... sewing teeny tiny newborn clothes is a bitch. Really. My fingers were stabbed so many times because I underestimated how much space I had to work with when pinning seams.

I also made a gift for BFF's oldest daughter, who turns 7 next month. Unbelievable. She cannot already be 7. ::shakes head:: Her party is tomorrow since her dad may be deployed before her actual birthday. Yes, I made her gift not even 24 hours before her party. Just another example of my slacker ways.

It's a purse. Clearly. Nothing fancy, but it's got a flower, and she's 7 (well almost) so hopefully she'll love it. I'll probably find a few little things to put in it before the party tomorrow to make up for it being such a "meh" gift. ;)
So yes, that's been my afternoon. Teeny tiny clothes and the simplest purse you've ever seen. Now to put the duo to bed and do some more work on the table.
Oh, and a heads up: Sometime in the next few days I'll be posting the best sweet pickle recipe you've ever seen. Really. I don't even like sweet pickles all that much, and I think these things are amazing.


  1. Beautiful as always. I'm excited to see the sweet pickles post. I'm going to have a ridiculous amount of cucumbers to pickle this year and it would be nice to do something besides dill.

  2. That dress is so super sweet! And I love the purse as well. Purses were the coolest to me when I was 7. Made me feel so grownup. :) Great job, Leslie!