Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 1

Yesterday was, to put it lightly, a rough day. *ding ding* Let Round 4 officially begin. ::sigh::

So, I had all these grand ideas of how I was going to be super productive this weekend. I was going to do every piece of laundry, and clean this house until it was spotless, because doing that helps keep my mind off things. Yeah, that didn't happen. Instead, I've spent the day playing and cuddling with my babies, being a bum on the couch, and maybe feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

We also made a paper chain to count down the deployment. Ok, I made a paper chain while trying to keep the babes from chewing on scissors or swallowing staples. One link for every week that he's supposed to be gone. It doesn't look very long in the picture, but it's so long that I can drape it around my neck and it's only an inch from touching the floor on both sides. And I'm pretty tall. It's a little depressing to look at now, but I'm going to take pictures of it throughout the year, and hopefully it will become something I look forward to seeing get shorter and shorter as the time goes.

Then this morning, Riley decided that a picture of a random soldier in uniform was "Dada." She cried when I told her no. And kept insisting that it was, in fact, her Daddy. ::heavier sigh:: So I printed out these pictures of the babes and their Daddy from yesterday and laminated them. They've been carrying them around all day, talking to Daddy and reading him books.

And since I haven't showed these yet, these are the special gifts that the hubs got the babes from Build-A-Bear before he left. They love them, and sleep with them every nap and every night.

So yes, this is how I've spent my day so far. I may not have gotten any cleaning done, but it's been a better day than I thought it would be. That's really all I can ask for at this point.

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  1. {{big hugs}} I love the paper chain idea. And the duo, they are so precious reading stories to Daddy.