Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

So I've been following the scavenger hunts on this blog for a while, and I keep saying I want to do them each week, but I never do. I get busy, the kids go crazy, life gets in the way, etc. Well I finally did it this week. They're not all that great, but that's ok.

1. Pink
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My daughter loves dress up. For such a loud-mouthed, bossy, little thing, she sure does like to feel pretty too. LOL. There are shoes that go with this pink dress, but her tiny feet just aren't big enough for them yet. She had walked out of them at least 5 times by this point, and finally just sat down on the floor to pout about it. The horrible mean mommy that I am thought, "oh one of the categories for the photo hunt this week is pink. Let me get my camera."

2. Books
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I don't really have an explanation for this one. They're books. Old childrens' books to be exact. I just liked the red covers and simple drawings.

3. Fall Colors
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Next week would have been better timing for this category for me since our leaves have just started to turn. That's ok though, it's still pretty out there.

4. Leaf
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I guess this is more "leaves" than "leaf" but close enough right? I just liked the fuzziness.

5. Orange
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One of our pumpkin patch pumpkins before it got gutted and carved today.

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